If you are thinking about buying a home, you should seriously consider working with a "buyer's agent." A buyer's agent works hard to find a home for you, and then represents you in the process of negotiation and (once you have a contract in place) bringing the deal to completion.

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First to Know About New Listings

Our goal is to inform you about houses matching your criteria the FIRST day they hit the market (sometimes before). We also keep our ear to the ground in hopes of finding out about something before it even hits the market. We consider ourselves truly successful when our buyer is the first buyer to see a listing.

✔ We check every new listing coming on the market to see if it is a match
✔ Then we call you or email you the same day to let you know about the listing
✔ If you're interested in seeing it, we try to move mountains to get you in the same day.

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Top-Ranked Real Estate Firm

We are part of one of the leading residential real estate brokerages in the Shenandoah Valley, and that means good things for you. We are proud to be a part of Kline May Realty, the area's most progressive and exciting real estate brokerage. Our company has almost 100 licensed agents. What does this mean to you? Practically speaking, it means that we find out about new listings (almost every day) before they hit the broader market.

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Get A Team Working For You

The Harrisonburg Homes Team has 10 members: Chris Rooker, Brant Suter, Cathi Anne, Matt Ogden, Katie Moomaw, Brent Loope, Amelia Schmid, Phil Updike, Celeste Baker, and Claire Wayman. We work together to make sure that each transaction is a success. There are many benefits to working with a team, but the most tangible benefit is that there are more agents available to assist you when a critical need arises. Seven of us are active licensed agents, which means that we can each show properties. If the perfect property comes on the market, chances are that one of us will be able to make time to show it to you right away. Claire and Celeste work diligently to provide service to our clients from behind the scenes.

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Successful Transaction Management

We provide a high level of service and quality control in our transaction management. Once you actually have a contract on a property, there are many things that need to happen, involving innumerable details. We handle most of these details for you, using carefully crafted checklists and redundant systems so that nothing falls through the cracks. Our systems include quality controlling other parties involved in the transaction (agents, inspectors, lenders, contractors, etc.), since every now and then people get busy and mistakes are made...mistakes that can cost you a lot in money, time, and/or frustration.

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Our Buyer Agent Services

In most cases, our services are paid for by someone other than you! Residential real estate is a bit unusual in that the buyer's agent is generally paid by the seller (even though the buyer's agent is representing the buyer's interests). The seller hires a "listing agent" to market the home and exclusively represent the seller. If the listing agent procures the buyer, then the listing agent gets the entire commission. If a buyer's agent procures the buyer, then the commission is split between the listing agent and the buyer's agent (usually fifty-fifty). There are some notable exceptions to this explanation. But in most circumstances, it does not cost you any more to use a buyer's agent than if you went straight to the listing agent to inquire about a property. With the former, you get exclusive representation. With the latter, you get no representation. When you think about it, it is an easy decision!

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"Our agent was SO helpful in maintaining a positive attitude and perspective on it all. He was immensely dedicated to helping us, always following through on answering questions and providing feedback. He was also dedicated to helping us pursue what we really did, in fact, need in a house--which is sometimes hard to figure out at first. His wisdom, thoughtfulness, and good cheer was a consistent presence.

He was the best of the best!"

Lisa Tubach - worked with Matt Ogden